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GamerModz Modded Controllers

Who We Are

GamerModz was the first company to produce Rapid Fire and other modded controllers for not just the XBOX 360 but as far back as the original XBOX. This innovation and experience has made GamerModz synonymous with Custom Modded Controllers. Whether it's simply a custom shell and parts or our master Modded Controller, the Juggernaut, no one beats our experience, technology and quality.

What We Do

Our in-house engineers are always on the forefront of developing new mods and ensuring ours are the best on the market. This enabled us to be the first Modded Controller Company to release Rapid Fire Mods for the Xbox One and PS4.

A Company You Can Trust

There are a lot of companies carrying Rapid Fire Modded Controllers that are not developed by them or manufactured by them. These companies are selling either our Rapid Fire Modded Controllers or an inferior product that does not perform anywhere near the standards of ours, nor do they give you the adjustability that our SPS™ series does.

100% Focused On Customer Satisfaction

At GamerModz we are proud of the controllers we make and the incredible assortment of hydro-dipped patterns we offer. With over 5 million possible combinations we are pleased to provide customers with a truly unique controller of their own creation. Our Create-A-Controller app makes it easy for people of any age to design a controller that they love. Our staff takes pride in creating a custom product that customers can't wait to get their hands on!

We're Making Waves In the World of Gaming