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What makes purchasing your modded controllers and rapid fire controllers from GamerModz the best decision?

A companies experience is key product quality and with GM Gaming Products™, you are purchasing from a company with more experience than anyone else. GM Gaming Products™ was the first company to produce Rapid Fire and other modded controllers for not just the XBOX 360 but as far back as the original XBOX. This innovation and experience has made GM Gaming Products™ symbolic with modded controller and quickly because a household name in the market. Whether it's Rapid Fire controllers or full modded controllers, no one beats out experience, technology and quality.

If you have shopped around for a Modded Controller or Rapid Fire controller, you may have noticed other individuals and/or "companies" have come in to the market trying to "get in on the action". What most of these individuals and companies lack is the innovation and experience needed to keep up with customer demands and game system requirements. There are a lot of companies carrying Rapid Fire Modded Controllers that are NOT developed by them or manufactured by them. These companies are selling either our Rapid Fire Modded Controllers or an inferior product that does not perform anywhere near the standards or our Rapid Fire nor do they give you the adjustability that our SPS™ series does.

What makes our Rapid Fire Controllers the most advanced Modded Controllers in the market?

Our Rapid Fire controllers use a technology developed by GM Gaming Products™ called SPS™ (Shot Per Second). This technology has revolutionized the Rapid Fire market by allowing customers to use Rapid Fire even after game developers release "patches" attempting to block Rapid Fire from being used.

This technology allows the customer to customize the Rapid Fire controllers speed in exact "shots per second". This is a technology that no other Rapid Fire or Modded Controller manufacturer in the market can compete with. The SPS™ Technology allows the customer to set their rate of fire to any "shots per second" desired or required for different games, required to bypass Rapid Fire patches, or even for whatever the best speed is for a particular weapon. The SPS™ series Rapid Fire Modded Controller is absolutely, hands down, the last Rapid Fire Modded Controller you will ever need. If the game you are playing can benefit from a Rapid Fire controller, the SPS™ series will work better than any other Modded Controller on the market! When new games are released or patches are implemented, you don't have to purchase a new Rapid Fire controller, just change your "shots per second" for that game and you are ready to get back to dominating the field. Buy a modded controller which can be used for multiple games with-out the worry about patches or limitations.

To add even more technology to the SPS™ series Rapid Fire Controller Mod, we have developed the SPS™-X3 Rapid Fire Controller. This Rapid Fire mod contains the SPS™ technology as well as the ability to store 5 presets and the ability to set "burst" modes. The burst setting doesn't just turn the burst on or off; it allows you to completely customize the burst mode for the Rapid Fire Controller! You can set the burst mode to any amount of rounds per burst, plus the Rapid Fire technology allows you to set how many shots per second you want those rounds to fire out of the burst. This is another innovation developed by GM Gaming Products™ and only available here!

What other products do you carry for my XBOX 360 Controller Mod?

In addition to our innovative Modded Controllers, we also offer a huge selection of custom XBOX Controller Shells to make your modded controllers as unique as you are. We give you the option of Chrome XBOX Controller Shells, Clear XBOX Controller Shells, Matte XBOX Controllers Shells, Glossy XBOX Controller Shells and Hydro-Dip Controller Shells. Our selections are so large, there are over 200 different colors and patterns to choose from!

If you are looking to make your modded controller even more unique, we also manufacture many custom controller replacement parts, including XBOX Thumbsticks, XBOX D-Pads, XBOX Bottom Trim, XBOX Bumpers, XBOX Triggers and XBOX ABXY Buttons. You can get every part for your modded controller and combined with our large selection of custom XBOX controller shells, this gives you over 5 million possible combinations for that unique modded controller! The only limit is your imagination!

Need help designing your perfect controller? We have developed the most advanced app to customize your controller. This app allows you build your custom XBOX controller piece by piece! Start using our Create-A-Controller app and design that controller of your dreams!

As a market leader, innovator and supplier of XBOX Modded Controllers, Rapid Fire Controllers, Custom XBOX 360 Controller Parts, we are the most competitive on pricing. Due to the volume that we manufacture, we are able to reduce the cost to the customer with-out sacrificing quality. If you have any questions about what we do or who we are, contact us. We will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and concerns.