Controller Mods

Up your game with controller mods from the controller mod authority, GamerModz.

While lots of controller mod companies come and go, GamerModz was the first controller mod company in the industry and continues to be the authority. These achievments are an indication of the devotion that we have to the gaming comunity. From the controller mods we design, to being the manufacturer of the after market parts you find online, we are constantly being innovative and raising the bar.

All of our mods are designed and coded in-house allowing us to always stay ahead of the competition. With no one else in the market having the experience GamerModz has, it has allowed us to make feature rich mods to enhance your gameplay.

On the right, you can find real, matchmaking gameplay footage of our mods in action. These mods include Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Quick Scope, Auto Scope, Auto Run, Burst Mode Rapid Fire, Akimbo Rapid Fire, Double Tap, Auto Drop, Jitter Mod and Fast Reload.

That's a lot of mods!

Adjustable RapidFire Mod Demonstration Video

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Other Controller Mods

Adjustable Rapid Fire
Drop Shot
Quick Scope
Auto Scope
Auto Run
Burst Mode
Double Tap
Auto Drop
Fast Reload