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Create-A-Controller: Select a Gaming Console

Creating that Custom Modded Controller has never been more simple. Simply choose which system you want to design that custom controller for and start designing your dream controller with our Create-A-Controller™ app! Whether you are designing an XBOX controller or PS3 controller, there are over 5 million possible designs you can create!

After your modded controller design is complete, you can choose to order just the parts to install yourself, send in your controller to have the parts installed for you or order it pre-built so that is ready to go when you recieve it!

Once you have chosen that modificaiton method for your modded controller, you will have the option to add any of our famous controller mods like our world renowned SPS™ Rapid Fire mods!

Before you are complete, there is an option for our extended warranty program. While all modded controllers come with a warranty, we also allow an extended warranty to be purchased for a small, one time fee.

XBOX 360 Create-a-Controller
PlayStation 3 Create-a-Controller

XBOX One Modded Controllers
PlayStation 4 Modded Controllers