General Questions

How Long Does It Normally Take to Ship?
The amount of time it takes for an order containing a Pre-Built custom modded controller to be shipped is generally 6-10 business days. Orders not containing a Pre-Built custom modded controller may take 1-4 business days. However, please note that these are only general estimates. After your order is invoiced, which takes until the next business day, refer to your Order History page to get an estimated ship date specific to your order.
How are your products different than others?
We have been around longer than ANY other modification company in the world. When you purchase from us, you can be confident you are getting the best and exactly what we describe. We are the largest and first to release controller mods for the hottest games available. We pride ourselves on customer service and making sure the customer gets exactly what they purchase. We don't participate in any deceiving or even confusing marketing strategies.
Can your controllers be detected on xbox live?
Our controller mods cannot be detected by Xbox Live HOWEVER we do not condone the use of modded controllers on Xbox Live due to the unfair advantage you may have over other opponents.
What type of warranty is included with your products?
All controller mods come with a 7 day money back guarantee and 90 days parts and labor (s&h not covered). This warranty starts the day the item was delivered. All controller "shells" come with a 30 warranty. All kits come with a 90 day warranty however they are NOT returnable if they have been installed. Any damage, or tampering with the parts, wires, etc that we installed WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY!
Is this controller modding service legal?
Absolutely. When purchasing from us, you are purchasing a "service" which is the pre-modification of a controller (the "controller" itself is free with the purchase of this service). We then mod an existing controller from our inventory and ship it to you already modded, and ready to go!

Be sure to view our Privacy, Return Policy, and Terms and Agreement.

Send-In Service Questions

Can I send in my own controller for a cheaper price?
Yes! You can purchase a send-in-controller mod service to have ANY of the available mods we offer installed for a lower price!
What steps do I take after ordering a Send-In Service?
After placing a Send-In Service order, please fill out and print a Send-In Service Form. Following the instructions on the form, mail the form along with your controller to us and we will begin processing your order. It is important to include all requested information along with your controller. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the controller will be properly matched up to your order. After the controller is received, it will be tested for functionality by our technicians prior to modification, and you will be notified if any issues are found.

When we have finished modifying your controller to your specifications, it will be shipped back to you in roughly 6-10 business days.
What is my warranty on a modded controller Send-In Service?
You receive 90 days on parts and labor covering the mod itself. We do not warranty the controller or microsoft circuit board. This is because we have no idea how old it is nor how much usage it has received.
If I send you a broken controller, can you fix it while installing my controller mod?
This depends on the problem. Sometimes bumpers are just sticky, buttons are sticky, sync button pressed in, etc and we can fix them without replacing parts. When we don't have to replace the parts, we will simply fix it at no cost. All controllers sent in for a modificaiton service are also cleaned before they are returned, of course, at no cost. If your controller is faulty and requires repair, we can repair them at your cost, with our parts, for a cost cheaper than purchasing a new one. We DO test every controller sent in to us before we ever open it to make sure it functions prior to modifying it. So to avoid delays, please make sure your controller is functional before sending it to us.
If I order a custom controller shell on the same order as a controller mod service, will you install the shell?
If you order a replacement shell, thumbsticks, dpad, trim, LED's, etc with your mod service, they will be installed during the modificaiton unless otherwise specified in the notes section of your order. This installation is at no cost when accompanied by a mod service since we have your controller already opened up.

Controller Questions

What is the difference between your Rapid Fire and other Rapid Fire?
Our Rapid Fire modded controllers are more advanced than any other Rapid Fire on the market. They are designed to be 100% universal and 100% undetectable. All of our Rapid Fire code is developed in house by the most experienced in modded controllers, the founder of the company, which started this market and continues to be the authority. If you would like to know more about the differences in modded controllers on the market, we have released a video informing the public of the different Rapid Fire options available on the market. He speaks about the Pro's, the Con's, the Truth's and the Lies. Learn more about rapid fire modded controllers.
Can I have custom mods with a wired controller?
At this time we do not do full custom mods yet however it is in the plans for the near future.
Can I have custom mods with a wireless controller?
Yes, but any mods outside of what we have listed requires programming and can get very expensive depending on what you want. If you are interested you will need to contact us and we will get back with you with a price.
Can I switch out buttons?
Not at the moment, but this will be available in the future.
How do I put together my controller?
There are a wide variety of manuals available to you in our Help and How To's section.