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Modded Controllers for XBOX 360, PS3, XBOX One, and PS4

Get the latest modded controllers for your favorite game systems. Whether you are looking for an Xbox 360 modded controller, Xbox ONE modded controller, PS3 modded controller or PS4 modded controller, GamerModz has it all.

We also specialize is Rapid Fire controllers and other addon mods to bring your Xbox modded controller or Playstation modded controller to life. Our modded controllers can have addon mods like Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Quickscope, Jitter Mod, Fast Reload and many more.

Let GamerModz show you why we are the authority in the modded controller industry. Order online or contact a modded controller specialist today!

XBOX 360 Modded Controllers
PlayStation 3 Modded Controllers

XBOX One Modded Controllers
PlayStation 4 Modded Controllers