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Rise to the top of the leaderboards with a GamerModz® Xbox 360 Modded Controller - The Industry leader in Controller Mods, Controller Parts, and Accessories. With our Modded Controllers, your opponents will regret the day they engaged in battle with you.

Mod Types

Send-In Service: This is a great cheaper alternative to buying a full pre-built controller! This option requires you to send-in your working controller and we will switch out the parts and/or add the rapid-fire selection. We will not proceed with your order until we receive your controller.

Pre-built: Our pre-built selection includes a brand new factory controller modded to your specifications!

Controller Options

Choose a created themed modded controller or create your own controller with our new Create-A-Controller™ Software. Mix and match colors with Controller Shells, ABXY Buttons, Bumpers, Triggers, Bottom Trim, D-Pads and Thumbsticks and LED's. GamerModz® carries the most accessories for the XBOX 360 Controllers, allowing for over 5 Million possible combinations.

Note: All Xbox 360 Controller Parts and Accessories are 100% compatible with OEM Microsoft Xbox 360 Controllers - We guarantee it or your Money Back - No Questions.

Controller Shell, Start/Back & Battery Pack - GamerModz® carries the largest selection of Xbox 360 Controller Shells - Over 300 colors and finishes to choose from!

ABXY/Guide Buttons - Customize your controller by switching out standard buttons for our custom colored ABXY/Guide buttons. Over 10 colors to choose from!

Bumper Assemblies - Add some pop to your controller with a matte, glossy, clear, or chrome bumper assembly. Over 24 colors to choose from!

Triggers - Make a bold statement and add custom triggers to match, or not match, your controller. Over 22 colors to choose from!

Bottom Trim - Durable plastic structure factory finish with simple installation. Over 25 colors to choose from!

D-Pad - Change the stock Xbox D-pad to a color preference of your own. Over 22 colors to choose from!

Thumbsticks - Get a pair of Xbox 360 controller thumbsticks to liven up your controller. Thumbsticks are made with our Wicked Grip technology for ultra-high grip when you need it most. Over 16 colors to choose from!

Our highly trained, professional technicians use brand new original Microsoft Xbox 360 Controllers. The Modded Controllers go through a rigorous testing protocol before being sealed and shipped.


We stand behind all controllers, parts and accessories we sell. Our expert technicians only use brand new, factory sealed controllers. All mods are done in house, in our state of the art facility - and come standard with a 90 day warranty to cover parts and labor. Select the optional 1 year extended warranty for additional protection.

Rapid Fire

All of our Modded Controllers are available with the latest rapid fire technology, developed in-house by GamerModz® - The Cutting Edge True SPS™ Series Technology (Shots per Second). Additional add-on mods such as Drop Shot, Quick Scope, Jitter Mode, Burst Mode, Fast Reload and Active Reload. All Modded Controllers utilize the stock RT button for Rapid Fire and both the LT and RT buttons for dual trigger rapid fire in Akimbo for ultimate firepower.

Rapid Fire Mod Options

Every rapid fire modded controller from GamerModz® is fully adjustable by the user. With the adjustable programming, your options for speed settings are virtually endless and your Xbox 360 controller can always be adjusted exactly as you want it.

Modded controllers are completely undetectable online, and work on ALL Xbox 360 first person shooter games. Mode selections and rapid fire settings are displayed according to the controller LED's so switching modes is a breeze.

SPS™-X1 - Fully adjustable, re-programmable, single trigger rapid fire. Uses a single trigger, RT.

SPS™-X2 - Fully adjustable, re-programmable, single trigger OR dual trigger rapid fire. Settings allow for RT Single Trigger, LT Single Trigger, or Dual Trigger Rapid Fire.

SPS™-X3 - The world's most customizable Rapid Fire controller with 20 Modes of Rapid Fire: 5 user-programmable modes and 15 preset modes. All 5 programmable modes are fully adjustable, re-programmable, single trigger OR dual trigger rapid fire or burst mode. Settings allow for RT Single Trigger, LT Single Trigger, or Dual Trigger Rapid Fire.

All 5 Modes are fully adjustable, re-programmable, single trigger OR dual trigger rapid fire or burst mode. Settings allow for RT Single Trigger, LT Single Trigger, or Dual Trigger Rapid Fire.

Juggernaut Master Mod - This is the most advanced modded controller in the industry for the Call of Duty series - Guaranteed! Not only does it contain the un-rivaled SPS™ - X3 Rapid Fire, this mod allows you to use the existing buttons to enable/disable mods and program its features. This means there are NO holes drilled in your controller and NO buttons on the back. The Juggernaut is completely stealth and highly customizable; making it the most purchased Modded Controller in the industry.

The Juggernaut Master Mod includes:

SPS™-X3 - 20 Mode Rapid Fire: 5 user-programmable modes and 15 preset modes
Left Trigger Rapid Fire
Akimbo (Dual Trigger Rapid Fire)
Burst Mode - Set how many shots to burst per trigger pull.
Fast Reload - 5 Programmable Modes - Allows you to reload your weapon faster without wasting a perk.
Drop Shot - When you pull the right trigger your gun will fire and you will drop to the ground, continuing to fire as you continue to hold the trigger (when rapid fire is enabled). Once you release the trigger you will automatically stand up.
Auto Drop - Allows you to drop to the ground immediately, by simply tapping the B button.
Auto Run - When Auto Run is enabled, when you tap the left thumbstick to run, it will automatically hold the thumbstick down for you.
Quick Scope - 5 programmable modes - Allows you to simply tap the LT, which then brings the scope up, focuses in on the target, and fires all at the same time.
Auto Scope - Brings up your scope already stabilized.
Double Tap - Fires when you pull the trigger as well as when you release it.
Jitter - allows to fire pistols, semi‐automatics and 3 round burst weapons as fully automatic  when shooting from the hip


What is rapid fire exactly?
In simplest form, rapid fire allows you to shoot your weapons at the maximum rate of fire the gun allows. This is accomplished by our exclusive SPS™ rapid fire design that is installed inside the controller.
How does Rapid Fire Work?
Our technicians install the SPS™ Rapid fire inside the controller. The SPS™ Rapid Fire simulated the triggers being pulled automatically at a rate set by the user.
What is the difference between Rapid Fire and other Rapid Fire?
Our Rapid Fire is designed in house, using the latest equipment and latest microcontroller technology. Our controller mods are designed to be 100% universal and 100% undetectable. All of our Rapid Fire code and other mods are developed in house by the most experienced designers in the industry. Check the facts - created the modded controller market and still continues to be the industry leader.
What types of games are compatible with these modded controllers?
Our modded controllers are compatible with any first person shooter games that feature single shot and semi-automatic weapons and even some fully automatic weapons.
Which weapons does rapid fire work on?
Rapid Fire can be optimized for all single shot and semi-automatic weapons. It sometimes has an effect on fully automatic weapons as well.
Are modded controllers illegal?
No. Rapid fire has been around for several years and is not considered illegal. Microsoft is only concerned with modded consoles which allow people to play pirated games.
Can these controllers be detected on Xbox Live?
No. Because Modded Controllers simulated a real trigger pull, Xbox live cannot determine whether you are using a modded controller or have a VERY fast trigger finger.
What if there is a patch released to block rapid fire?
The way our rapid fire works is that the SPS™ mod is simulating the triggers being pulled at very fast rate. There is no way to completely block or patch rapid fire.
Can I get banned on Xbox LIVE for using a modded controller?
Absolutely not. All our modded controllers are fully undetectable online. There is no communication between LIVE and our modded controllers - well except a very high Kill to Death Ratio!

Compatible Games

Call of Duty  Advanced Warfare Modded Controllers

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Battlefield 2 Modded Controllers

Battlefield 2

Battlefield 3 Modded Controllers

Battlefield 3

Battlefield 4 Modded Controllers

Battlefield 4

Call of Duty  Black Ops  2 Modded Controllers

Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Call of Duty  Ghosts Modded Controllers

Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty  Modern Warfare  Modded Controllers

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of Duty  Modern Warfare  2 Modded Controllers

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty  Modern Warfare  3 Modded Controllers

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Gears of War  Modded Controllers

Gears of War

Gears of War  2 Modded Controllers

Gears of War 2

Gears of War  3 Modded Controllers

Gears of War 3

Grand Theft Auto  5 Modded Controllers

Grand Theft Auto 5

Halo 3 Modded Controllers

Halo 3

Halo 4 Modded Controllers

Halo 4

Halo Reach Modded Controllers

Halo Reach

Left 4 Dead  2 Modded Controllers

Left 4 Dead 2

Titanfall Modded Controllers



Video OverlayXbox 360 SPS-X3 Ver 2.0

Xbox 360 SPS-X3 Ver 2.0

Need help configuring your GamerModz Xbox 360 SPS-X3 Rapid Fire controller? Watch this video.
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Xbox 360 SPS-X2 Ver 2.0

This Rapid Fire is the last you will ever need. This Rapid Fire mod allows you to set however many "Shots per second"...
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Xbox 360 SPS-X1 Ver 2.0

This mod is completely universal and undetectable. There is no other Rapid Fire on the market that allows this type o...
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Xbox 360 Juggernaut Ver 2.0

Mods include: 20 Mode Rapid Fire : 5 Programmable Rapid Fire Mods : Left Trigger Rapid Fire : Rigt Trigger Rapid Fire...

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