Creating your new Custom Modded Controller has never been easier! Simply choose which system you want to design a controller for and start selecting the parts for your dream controller with our Create-A-Controller™!

Whether you are designing a controller for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, or PS3, there are over 5 million possible designs you can create! After your Modded Controller design is complete, you can choose to order just the parts to install yourself, send in your controller to have the parts installed for you or order it pre-built so that is ready to go when you receive it!

Out of ideas for the look and feel of your custom controller? Try our pre-designed Modded Controllers.

Once you have chosen your service type, you will have the option to add any of our Rapid Fire controller mods like our world-renowned Juggernaut Master Mod! Before you are complete, there is an option for our extended warranty program. While all Modded Controllers come with a standard 90-day warranty, we also allow an extended 1-year warranty to be purchased for a small, one time fee.

Xbox One Create-A-Controller »

XBOX One Create-A-Controller
Loving your new Xbox One but bored with the standard controller? Give it some style and design your own using our Create-A-Controller™ Software for Xbox One! Take your game up a notch by adding on a Rapid-Fire or a handful of other mods! Start designing you very own Custom Xbox One Controller today!

PS4 Create-A-Controller »

PlayStation 4 Create-A-Controller
Change up your gear and change up your game with a PS4 Custom Modded Controller from GamerModz®! Now is your chance to design your very own controller using the GamerModz® PS4 Create-A-Controller Software. Add on a Rapid Fire Mod or the Juggernaut Master Mod to really enhance your game and find your self at the top of the leader boards. Start designing your new Custom PS4 Controller today!

Rise to the top of the leader boards with a GamerModz® Xbox 360 Modded Controller - The Industry leader in Controller Mods, Controller Parts, and Accessories. With our Xbox 360 Modded Controllers, your opponents will regret the day they engaged in battle with you. Design your won custom controller using our state of the art Create-a-Controller™ software. There are over 5 billion possibilities!

Start creating the coolest PS3 Modded Controller you can ever imagine with the GamerModz® PS3 Create-A-Controller™. With so many options and combinations to choose from you’re sure to design the perfect controller! All of our SPS™ Rapid Fire Mods plus the Juggernaut Master Mod are available to add on to any PS3 Custom Controller you create.