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This page is dedicated to help you understand the common terms, questions, concerns or any other issues related to modded controllers. We understand that it may be frustrating and confusing for parents when their child is speaking in terms they may not be familiar with in regards to our products. Below are common terms that may be used in conversations regarding our products and services.

    Moddded Controllers

    Original Microsoft or PlayStation controllers that have been modified visually and functionality wise.

    Rapid Fire

    A means of controlling the number of shots per second fired by your weapons in a game. Instead of firing a single bullet per trigger pull, you can program your rapid fire to shoot a specific number of shots per second.

    Burst Mode

    Set how many shots to burst per trigger pull as well as the rate at which they are fired.

    Drop Shot

    Allows you to drop to the ground immediately, by simply tapping button.

    Fast Reload

    Allows you to toss empty magazines and reload your weapon in a fraction of the standard time.


    Increase firing speed of semi-automatics when shooting from hip.

    Quick Scope

    Single left trigger quick scope. Simply release the left trigger to fire.

    Controller Options

    These options customize the look and feel of the controller. Items such as the thumbsticks, abxy bottons, shell, ect., can be upgraded to various colors.


    Grouping of parts to modify your controller. Can be order parts only, pre-built or send in service.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to hear from you and address any questions you might have.