Our Juggernaut Mod works for Call of Duty WWII ! 
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Juggernaut Mod Pack


The Juggernaut Mod is our most sought after mod. The Juggernaut Mod was designed for Call of Duty and contains mods that work on all games in the Call of Duty series. For example, Rapid Fire works on all Call of Duty games while Boost Shot is designed for Black Ops 3 because it uses the boost pack.


Many of the mods can be used at the same time as well so you are not limited to one mod at a time. In the manual there is a chart that is easily interpreted that shows you what mods can be on with what other mods.


No other controller on the market has as many mods for the Call of Duty series as our Juggernaut Mod. The Juggernaut Mod is the essential Call of Duty modded controller and makes the game even more enjoyable to play.

Included Mods