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Send-In Service



Quick Overview

With our Send-In Service option, we can offer you a much cheaper way to customize your controller in just a few steps. The Send-In Service option is an alternative to buying a Pre-Built controller. When you send us your working controller we will modify it to your specifications. Please note that no modifications can be made until after we receive your controller, so it is important to send it as soon as possible.

How Does the Send-In Service Work?



Step 1: Place Your Order

To get started with your Send-In order, you can design your own controller or choose from our pre-designed controllers. When picking the service type for your controller, select the "Send-In Service" option.


Step 2: Fill Out a Send-In Form

After placing a Send-In Service order, it is important to download and fill out our Send-In Service Form because this is what we use to match your order with the controller you send us. Without this, we cannot proceed with building your order.


Step 3: Mail Your Controller

Pack your controller along with the send-in form. Use bubble wrap to ensure your controller arrives safely. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Difference Between Send-In and Pre-Built?

The difference between a Send-In and a Pre-Built controller is that for a Send-In, we use the controller you send us for modifications. However, for a Pre-Built controller we have to use an official OEM controller from our own stock for modifications. Send-In orders are cheaper because we do not have to use our own stock controllers to build your order, and since it's cheaper for us, it's cheaper for you.

What Happens If I Don't Send My Controller?

If you do not send us your controller within 30 business days, we will attempt to contact you by phone or email. If we do not receive a response from you within a few days after that, we will cancel your order and refund your payment.

Do You Repair Defects?

All controllers that we receive are tested before and after modification. If you send us a controller with simple defects, such as sticky bumpers or buttons, or stuck buttons, we can repair these at no cost if we do not need to replace the part. In addition, we clean your controller at no cost before sending it back to you.

Do You Accept Broken Controllers?

If your controller is broken beyond operability upon arrival, we will contact you to immediately to inform you and provide further options, in which case you can:
  • Request to upgrade your order to "Pre-Built", which means we replace your controller at the cost of a new controller
  • Simply have us return your controller and cancel/refund your order

What Controllers Aren't Accepted?

We do not accept very old controllers.