Our Juggernaut Mod works for Call of Duty WWII ! 
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White Kooky Skulls Xbox One Controller

White Kooky Skulls Xbox One Controller

Service Types


When selecting the Pre-Built option, GamerModz uses a brand new OEM controller from Sony or Microsoft and mods it to your specifications.  Please note, all orders are custom made to order.

Send-In Service

The send-in service is a great value as it offers you a less expensive alternative when purchasing a controller.  This option requires you to send-in your working controller to be modded.  Please note, we cannot begin with your order until we receive your controller.  Please click here for a more detailed description of our Send-in Service.

Parts Only

The "Parts Only" option is for customers who would like to mod the look of their controller themselves as a DIY Project.  The "Parts Only" option does NOT include the internal electronics.

Mod Descriptions


MEGA MOD (Every Mod we make, plus Pro Buttons!)

  • Remappable Pro Button Mod Pack
  • Juggernaut 7.0 Mod Pack (Updated for Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 2 & Modern Warfare Remastered)
  • Zombie Mod Pack
  • SPS-X1 Rapid Fire Mod Pack
  • Gears of War Mod Pack (Updated for Gears of War 4)
  • Turbo Mod Pack
  • PGA Tour Mod Pack
  • The Golf Club Mod Pack
  • Mortal Kombat Mod Pack



JUGGERNAUT  (New version 7.0 - Updated with Jitter for Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3 & Modern Warfare Remastered)

This is the most advanced modded controller in the industry for the Call of Duty series - Guaranteed!  The Juggernaut mod allows you to use the existing buttons to enable/disable mods and program its features. This means there are NO holes drilled in your controller and NO buttons on the back. The Juggernaut is completely stealth and highly customizable; making it the most purchased Modded Controller in the industry.

Updated Feature: Jitter for Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare Remastered have been added! NOTE: Jitter for Black Ops 3 has been patched for the final time (Jitter is a glitch). There is no, and will be no, more jitter for Black Ops 3. We recommend the Brecci with Rapid Fire or move to Infinite Warfare to benefit from Jitter.


All the mods listed below work for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare as well as earlier releases of Call of Duty, where applicable.  Many of the mods also work for other FPS games as well, such as Destiny, Titanfall, Battlefield, Rainbow Six, etc.


The Juggernaut v7.0 Includes the following:

Attention Send-In Service Customers: You must have a new 3.5mm XB1 Controller to purchase the Juggernaut v7.0






Our Turbo Controller has 3 profiles you can configure with turbo assigned to different buttons and different speeds. You are also able to program different turbo speeds!


The buttons that can be turbo’d are: 

  • A Button
  • B Button
  • X Button
  • Y Button
  • Right Trigger
  • Left Trigger




Single trigger re-programable rapid fire (Right Trigger Only).  Works on ALL FPS Games.



Single trigger OR dual trigger rapid fire. Settings allow for R2 Single Trigger, L2 Single Trigger, or Dual Trigger Rapid Fire. Works on all FPS Games.



Same features as the SPS-X2 PLUS the following: Burst Mode, 20 Modes of Rapid Fire (5 re-programmable modes and 15 preset modes). The 5 user-programmable modes are fully adjustable, re-programmable.  Works on all FPS Games.  





Compatible Games: PGA Tour 2014, PGA Tour 2013, Master's Collection 2014, Master's Collection 2013.


Love playing PGA Tour Golf? We do too. The GamerModz engineering team has developed 3 new exclusive mods - MAX PERFECT SWING, PERFECT SWING & MAX SPIN - for the PGA Tour Golf Game Series to help you crush your competitors. All three mods are activated using the very latest GamerModz LED Pro Mod Buttons - installed on the back of the controller. The LED Pro Mod Buttons allow you to use your controller as a standard controller while at the same time giving you access to the mods when you want them.


The GamerModz Exclusive PGA Tour Golf Mod Includes the Following:

  • Max Perfect Swing - Swing any club in your bag with MAX POWER and PERFECT SWING, every time
  • Perfect Swing - Swing any club in your bag perfectly - including your putter - while still maintaining the ability to adjust power
  • Max Spin - Create MAX SPIN on any shot - Great for long fairway shots or to recover from a poor shot


GEARS OF WAR (Updated to inlcude Gears of War 4)

The GamerModz Gears of War Mod actually includes THREE (3) mod packs.  We have included the SPS-X1 Mod Pack at no charge - FREE - so that you can use the controller on ANY First Person Shooter game.  Easily cycle between the mod pack you would like to use.


Mode 1: Gears of War 4 Mod Pack

  • Auto Mark - Automatically marks enemy for your team when scoped in
  • Smart Active Reload - Reload perfectly everytime for every weapon
  • Snub Pistol Rapid Fire - Automatically Enabled when using Snub Pistol
  • Auto Chainsaw - When using the Lancer, simply tap the "B" button for Chainsaw
  • Auto Self Revive - One Button Press Revive for Self
  • Auto Teammate Revive - One Button Press Revive for Teammate

Mode 2: Gears of War Ultimate Mod Pack

  • Smart Active Reload - Reload perfectly everytime for every weapon
  • Snub Pistol Rapid Fire - Automatically Enabled when using Snub Pistol
  • Auto Chainsaw - When using the Lancer, simply tap the "B" button for Chainsaw
  • Auto Self Revive - One Button Press Revive for Self
  • Auto Teammate Revive - One Button Press Revive for Teammate

Mode 3:  SPS-X1 Rapid Fire Mod




Do you hate destroying your enemy only to forget or mess up the fatality? Here at GamerModz we know how frustrating this can be. To help you, the GamerModz programmers have developed the Mortal Kombat X fatality mod. The Mortal Kombat X Fatality Mod is pre-loaded with every available fatality for every available character. All fatality mods are activated using the very latest GamerModz LED pro Buttons - installed on the back of your controller.

To activate the mods, simply choose the mode that corresponds to the character you are using prior to the match. Each mode is synced to a character, meaning that once you choose the mode/character you want to play with, you have access to ALL of the chosen character’s fatalities. The mods can be used regardless of what direction you are facing. So there is no need to position yourself on one side or the other.


Pro Buttons

The GamerModz LED Pro Buttons provide you with the ability to remap ANY (2) buttons to the back of the controller.     * With 5 individual, fully re-programmable remappable modes, you can have 5 different remap setups allowing you scalability between games, classes, load-outs, etc.

* Remappable Buttons include the following: A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, LT, RT, L3, R3, D-Pad Up, D-Pad Down, D-pad Left, D-Pad Right


* Guide Button, Menu Button and View Button Cannot be Remapped

Ditch the un-comfortable paddles or crummy tactile switches others may sell. The GamerModz LED Pro-Buttons are optimally located for easy access and have a smooth feel with tactile feedback.

Available with Red or Green LED.

Warranty Information

All GamerModz controllers come with a Standard 30-day Warranty starting from the day of delivery.  This covers all parts and labor for Pre-Built controllers. Some exclusions apply for Send-In Service and Parts Only Orders.


This warranty does not cover excessive wear or accidental damage to the controller including, but not limited to: spilled drinks or food on the controller, dropping the controller, or mishandling it.  Please note that, opening your controller will VOID your warranty.


Select the 1-Year Extended Warranty option to extend coverage for the Mods for an additional year. (Not applicable to Parts Only orders)

Return Policy

All returns must be initiated within 7 days of reciept.  Once we receive your return, we will notify you of receipt via email and initiate a refund less shipping costs.


A $20.00 restocking fee will be applied to all "Pre-Built" or "Send-In" Orders.


GamerModz reserves the right to deny any return for refund outside the 7-day window or for controllers that have been tampered with or opened.