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Product Summary

Design your own Xbox 360 Custom Controller using our state of the art Create-a-Controllerâ„¢ software. Add a gamertag or some spatter to really individualize your custom controller. All mods and pro buttons are also available during the customization process.

Service Types


When selecting the Pre-Built option, GamerModz uses a brand new OEM controller from Sony or Microsoft and mods it to your specifications.  Please note, all orders are custom made to order.

Send-In Service

The send-in service is a great value as it offers you a less expensive alternative when purchasing a controller.  This option requires you to send-in your working controller to be modded.  Please note, we cannot begin with your order until we receive your controller.  Please click here for a more detailed description of our Send-in Service.

Parts Only

The "Parts Only" option is for customers who would like to mod the look of their controller themselves as a DIY Project.  The "Parts Only" option does NOT include the internal electronics.

Mod Descriptions

Every rapid fire modded controller from is fully adjustable by the user. With the adjustable programming, your options for speed settings are virtually endless and your controller can always be adjusted exactly as you want it. Modded controllers are completely undetectable online, and work on ALL first person shooter games. Mode selections and rapid fire settings are displayed according to the controller LED's switching modes is a breeze.

SPS™-X1 - Fully adjustable, re-programmable, single trigger rapid fire. Uses a single trigger, RT.
SPS™-X2 - Fully adjustable, re-programmable, single trigger OR dual trigger rapid fire. Settings allow for R2 Single Trigger, L2 Single Trigger, or Dual Trigger Rapid Fire.
SPS™-X3 - The world's most customizable Rapid Fire controller with 20 Modes of Rapid Fire: 5 user-programmable modes and 15 preset modes. The 5 user-programmable modes are fully adjustable, re-programmable, single trigger OR dual trigger rapid fire or burst mode. Settings allow for R2 Single Trigger, L2 Single Trigger, or Dual Trigger Rapid Fire.

All 5 Modes are fully adjustable, re-programmable, single trigger OR dual trigger rapid fire or burst mode. Settings allow for R2 Single Trigger, L2 Single Trigger, or Dual Trigger Rapid Fire.

Juggernaut Master Mod - This is the most advanced modded controller in the industry for the Call of Duty series - Guaranteed! Not only does it contain the un-rivaled SPS™ - X3 Rapid Fire, this mod allows you to use the existing buttons to enable/disable mods and program its features. This means there are NO holes drilled in your controller and NO buttons on the back. The Juggernaut is completely stealth and highly customizable; making it the most purchased Modded Controller in the industry.

The Juggernaut Master Mod includes:

SPS™-X3 - 20 Mode Rapid Fire: 5 user-programmable modes and 15 preset modes
Left Trigger Rapid Fire
Akimbo (Dual Trigger Rapid Fire)
Burst Mode - Set how many shots to burst per trigger pull.
Fast Reload - 5 Programmable Modes - Allows you to reload your weapon faster without wasting a perk.
Drop Shot - When you pull the right trigger your gun will fire and you will drop to the ground, continuing to fire as you continue to hold the trigger (when rapid fire is enabled). Once you release the trigger you will automatically stand up.
Auto Drop - Allows you to drop to the ground immediately, by simply tapping the B button.
Auto Run - When Auto Run is enabled, when you tap the left thumbstick to run, it will automatically hold the thumbstick down for you.
Quick Scope - 5 programmable modes - Allows you to simply tap the LT, which then brings the scope up, focuses in on the target, and fires all at the same time.
Auto Scope - Brings up your scope already stabilized.
Double Tap - Fires when you pull the trigger as well as when you release it.

Warranty Information

All GamerModz controllers come with a Standard 30-day Warranty starting from the day of delivery.  This covers all parts and labor for Pre-Built controllers. Some exclusions apply for Send-In Service and Parts Only Orders.


This warranty does not cover excessive wear or accidental damage to the controller including, but not limited to: spilled drinks or food on the controller, dropping the controller, or mishandling it.  Please note that, opening your controller will VOID your warranty.


Select the 1-Year Extended Warranty option to extend coverage for the Mods for an additional year. (Not applicable to Parts Only orders)

Return Policy

All returns must be initiated within 7 days of reciept.  Once we receive your return, we will notify you of receipt via email and initiate a refund less shipping costs.


A $20.00 restocking fee will be applied to all "Pre-Built" or "Send-In" Orders.


GamerModz reserves the right to deny any return for refund outside the 7-day window or for controllers that have been tampered with or opened.

Xbox 360 Custom Controller Creator